Saturday, 9 February 2008

The Murder of Roger Ackroyd

Title: The Murder of Roger Ackroyd

Author: Agatha Christie

Number of pages: 368

Started: 7 February 2008

Finished: 9 February 2008

Opening words:

Mrs. Ferrars died on the night of the 16th 17th September a Thursday. I was sent for at eight o'clock on the morning of Friday the l7th. There was nothing to be done. She had been dead some hours.

It was just a few minutes after nine when I reached home once more. I opened the front door with my latch key and purposely delayed a few moments in the hall, hanging up my hat and the light overcoat that I had deemed a wise precaution against the chill of an early autumn morning. To tell the truth, I was considerably upset and worried. I am not going to pretend that at that moment I foresaw the events of the next few weeks. I emphatically did not do so. But my instinct told me that there were stirring times ahead.

Plot summary:

Roger Ackroyd knew too much. He knew that the woman he loved had poisoned her brutal first husband. He suspected also that someone had been blackmailing her. Now, tragically, came the news that she had taken her own life with a drug overdose. But the evening post brought Roger one last fatal scrap of information. Unfortunately, before he could finish the letter, he was stabbed to death!

Synopsis taken from Amazon.

What I thought:

I enjoyed this book, although it probably does not hold the same surprises to those who are familiar with how Agatha Christie mysteries tend to turn out. I wasn’t entirely surprised by the ending, but it was a good read nonetheless.

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