Friday, 19 December 2008

Remember Remember

Title: Remember, Remember

Author: Judy Parkinson

Number of pages: 190

Started: 10 December 2008

Finished: 19 December 2008

Opening words:

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Plot summary:

Judy Parkinson's topically titled Remember Remember (The Fifth of November), offers a potted history of Britain to digest along with the toffee apples.

What I thought:

liked this book and thought it was a straightforward and accessible summary of British history. It was obviously only a really short summary of a series of major events, but I think it was a great feat to have managed to describe major events in history in such a concise way. I learnt a number of things through this book, not least some of the motivation for William the Conqueror invading. It gave me more sympathy for his cause having learnt that he had rather been dine out of something he had been promised i.e. the throne! It’s a really useful reference book and one that hopefully will prompt people to look at some parts of history in greater depth.

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