Sunday, 15 February 2009

The Music of Chance

Title: The Music of Chance

Author: Paul Auster

Number of pages: 198

Started: 14 February 2009

Finished: 15 February 2009

Opening words:

For one whole year he did nothing but drive, traveling back and forth across America as he waited for the money to run out. He hadn't expected it to go on that long, but one thing kept leading to another, and by the time Nashe understood what was happening to him, he was past the point of wanting it to end. Three days into the thirteenth month, he met up with the kid who called himself Jackpot. It was one of those random, accidental encounters that seem to materialize out of thin air-a twig that breaks off in the wind and suddenly lands at your feet. Had it occurred at any other moment, it is doubtful that Nashe would have opened his mouth. But because he had already given up, he figured there was nothing to lose anymore, he saw the stranger as a reprieve, as a last chance to do something for himself before it was too late. And just like that, he went ahead and did it. Without the slightest tremor of fear, Nashe closed his eyes and jumped.”

Plot summary:

"Nashe has decided to pursue a 'life of freedom', when he meets Pozzi, an itinerant gambler. Together they go in for an extraordinary game of poker with Flower and Stone, two eccentric recluses living on a vast estate in Pennsylvania. It is a gamble that Nashe and Pozzi will regret for the rest of their lives. The Music of Chance is strange haunting parable by a writer of extraordinary imagination and power"

What I thought:

I really liked this book. I found it a really engaging story and the slightly ‘fairy tale’ quality of the task in it coupled with the sense of frustration and entrapment was a really good combination that made the story. I thought it was a really well written book and the themes of freedom (or otherwise) and searching were really engaging. A great book.

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