Tuesday, 24 March 2009

The Lady Vanishes

Title: The Lady Vanishes

Author: Ethel Lina White

Number of pages: 192

Started: 22 March 2009

Finished: 24 March 2009

Opening words:

The day before the disaster, Iris Carr had her first premonition of danger. She was used to the protection of a crowd, whom -- with unconscious flattery -- she called "her friends." An attractive orphan of independent means, she had been surrounded always with clumps of people. They thought for her -- or rather, she accepted their opinions, and they shouted for her -- since her voice was rather too low in register, for mass social intercourse.

Read the first chapter here under its original name “The Wheel Spins”.

Plot summary:

Iris Carr, an English girl holidaying in the pre-war Balkans, becomes friendly with Miss Froy, to all appearances an innocent, middle-aged governess. Returning to England, Miss Froy disappears, and a doctor convinces Iris that she is suffering from hallucinations.

What I thought:

This book was ok. Nothing outstanding about it, but perfectly readable and a light diversion.

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