Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Souls of Angels

Title: Souls of Angels

Author: Thomas Eidson

Number of Pages: 263

Date started: 25 April 2009

Date finished: 28 April 2009

Opening words:

It was late, sometime past three in the morning. She was making her way through the darkness shrouding the old plaza, following the main brick pathway that twisted and turned through overgrown oleanders and scrub oaks and mountains of Castilian roses. The town was silent, the sky deep ebony without a moon, the landscape only faintly illuminated by the glow of the new gas lamps that fringed the hundred-year-old gardens like amber beads on a necklace. Storm clouds were coming in from the north. Somewhere in the distance, a dog howled and a coyote yipped an answer, and she shivered in the cool air and walked faster.


A classic tale of love, redemption and revenge from the bestselling author of St Agnes Stand Sister Ria made a promise on her mother's deathbed that she would care for her wayward father. And, when he is charged with the murder of a prostitute, she is called upon to act on her word. Reluctantly she returns to the town of her childhood, and to her father's home hoping to reconcile herself with her past and to prove his innocence. But, with only eight days until his execution, she finds herself being hunted by a shadowy figure, a sinister person who has killed before and is capable of doing so again. She must draw on her faith and appeal to God to protect her and aid her in her quest for answers. Beautifully drawn and cleverly realised, 'Souls of Angels' is a book to savour.

What I thought:

This book was ok, but there was nothing very striking about it. I have read Eidson’s other books and really enjoyed those, but this one lacked something. It was readable and had some moments of foreboding, but it was missing something.

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