Thursday, 2 February 2012

Yes Man

Title: Yes Man

Author: Danny Wallace

Number of pages: 416

Started: 25 January 2012

Finished: 2 February 2012

Opening words:

In twenty minutes it would be midnight. I was standing in the rain outside the house of a rich banker in Las Vegas.

I checked my pockets. I had everything I needed. The photos. They keys to the car. The silver pocket watch.

Most importantly, I had the gun.

Because I had been asked to kill a man.

And I had said “yes”

Plot summary:

The amazing tale of what happens when you decide to say... YES

What I thought:

This book was one man’s attempt to say “yes” to life. Danny Wallace is someone that I like and I have enjoyed his TV programmes. However, I had mixed feelings about this book. I accept that for this new way of living to work, he had to say yes to everything, but I found it somewhat frustrating that he showed no discernment and embraced any scam offered to him. There is having a hopeful outlook on life, and being a bit of an idiot. This book walked that fine line.

Ultimately, I thought a willingness to say yes won through as showing that life has more opportunities, the more open to them we are, and ultimately he won much more than he lost. I am not sure it is a life that should be embraced quite to whole-heartedly as this though – or perhaps I just need to say yes more.

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